Activism Recap 2014 & Recent Opportunities

Welcome to Pozitive Hope Blog where I share my story as a heterosexual male living with HIV. This virus does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. We are all unified in this effort to see an HIV/AIDS free generation and until that happens I will continue to fight the good fight. I have a passion for activism, education, and prevention. I am so much more than just a virus however above all I am a human. Life is like a roller coaster and may throw twists and turns our way but its how we confront them and move forward with our future that matters. If you would like to see my most recent articles, videos, and opportunities that have arisen for me regarding my activism feel free to check out the links below. It is an awesome feeling to know that I am helping make a difference, if one person can prevent becoming infected with HIV from my story then it makes it all worth it. Know your HIV status, get tested, get educated, get involved, fight stigma, fight discrimination, we are simply living with a medical condition. We are no different, we are not simply going to stay quiet, we are HIV Positive !

We are HIV: 10 Sexiest Heterosexual Men Living With HIV 


10 Sexiest Straight Men Living With HIV In 2014


A&U Magazine

a&u magazine

Straight Talk

A&U Magazine Website


Poz Magazine


My HIV Diagnosis as Featured in Poz Magazine Online


12 HIV Positive Tattoos You Must See



My Blogs Featured on Positive Lite

Positive Lite Website

I would like to extend a big thanks to for continuing to publish my blogs and for their continued work they continue to do for all people living with HIV/AIDS throughout North America and also in the areas of education & prevention. They also have given a voice to many great bloggers that continue to contribute to the site. Keep up the great work guys !!!!!


2 thoughts on “Activism Recap 2014 & Recent Opportunities

  1. Hey I have a question in mars 2014 I had an exposure to hiv in west africa after 1 month I had all the symptoms I tested negative for hiv after 7 months but still to now I have white tongue skin dryness red mouth and now I will have a test at the end of this month what is ur opinion am I hiv free and why u think that I have these symptoms thank u again

    1. Hello Tony. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you its been a very busy month. Don’t try to autodiagnose yourself, the majority of times HIV has no symptoms until at very advanced stages. The only way to know is get tested. The window period is 3-6 months from time of exposure in order to be sure and confirm the negative result. Let me know how test turned out remember whether you came out positive or negative their is hope !! Sending much support and good vibes your way.

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