Blog Delay

Hello Everyone, 

I do apologize however I am not feeling my best today. I wanted to inform you that the blog that is usually posted on Sunday by 12 pm PST will be delayed until tomorrow. Please do not worry as I don’t believe it is anything serious however I am just feeling run down. As anyone who is HIV + knows this virus can drain us of our energy at times :/ I have been busy studying all week as I have a mountain of books to read for my new goal this year of obtaining my Private Pilots License. I go for my labs on Tuesday to make sure that my new medicine, Complera, is working fine numbers wise. I found out through my primary care doctor before hand that the labs show my liver enzymes spiked up which has me worried. The nurse said virus is still suppressed however did not tell me the cd4 count. This has had me more anxious than usual lately especially since I am wanting to be a pilot, I don’t want anything to effect that and more importantly I want to make sure I am healthy. I will keep everyone updated with the results and appreciate your continued support and understanding. 

Have a great night


Joshua D Middleton 

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