Welcome To The Pozitive Hope Blog

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for reading and welcome to the Pozitive Hope Blog. This blog is documenting my journey with HIV and I will be posting updates every Sunday which will be referred to as “Sensation Sunday’s”. There will be posts throughout the week as well so please make sure to check back regularly. This blog is called PozitiveHope because there is hope after finding out you are Poz, it is not the end but simply a new beginning. I believe that mental attitude plays a vital role in my fight against HIV and it is an honor to be able to share a portion of my life with you.

My name is Joshua Middleton and I am a straight male from Southern California that has been living with HIV since June 5, 2012. It has been an emotional roller coaster however I take it one day at a time. I am very open about my status and since my diagnosis have gotten heavily involved in HIV/AIDS Activism in an effort to prevent others from contracting this virus. I am not ashamed of knowing my status and urge everyone if you do not know your status, please get tested. I am an outgoing, optimistic, energetic person and strive to live every day to the fullest.

Please stay tuned as today I will be sharing with you a very special moment of my life, my complete story of how I was diagnosed with HIV. I feel it is important to begin this blog by sharing this info about my past and how I reached where I am today. Keep in mind that I am much more than a virus and never allow this disease to define who I am. HIV is just a piece of the puzzle and as time goes on I will be sharing other parts of my life as well.

Feel free to check me out on the following social media sites with the contact info listed below. I have several V-logs online and am currently in the process of making more. I am available if you have any questions regarding HIV/AIDS however keep in mind I am not a medical professional nor licensed to act on that behalf, I will be answering the question to the best of my ability and from my experience as a person living with HIV on a first hand basis. If for whatever reason I am not able to answer your question I will refer you in the right direction so you can find out the correct information. Keep in mind that NO question is a dumb question. To start there are many sites you can visit that have some great resources to learn the basics of HIV/AIDS and one of my favorite is http://www.thebody.com

I look forward to interacting and connecting with you all. Until next time : )

Yours Truly

Joshua D Middleton






2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Pozitive Hope Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing you heart warming story as i sit here at my desk wherevi volunteer for a company called action aids here in Philadelphia where i now reside! Fighting back tears, not really knowing why im moved by your story to take more action! Thanks again.

    1. Ramaar,

      Thank you for reading and I am glad it has inspired you. We all can do something to make a change and put a dent in this epidemic, nothing is too big or small. We are capable of so much but often we put limitations upon ourselves. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your weekend. Greetings from California


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